Zarina Capital provides private equity investment to a range of businesses from four key sectors; property, technology, environmental and start-ups. Zarina Capital looks to support buyouts, non-core acquisitions from larger groups, turnarounds and financial restructurings.


With firm roots in commercial property development and investment, Zarina Capital have a proven track record of delivering substantial returns from strategic development and investment in a range of various projects. These range from leisure and retail through to office space and serviced apartments across the UK, Europe, Middle East and beyond.


Zarina Capital is forward thinking and passionate about harnessing the potential of new technologies, be it investing into the development of new cross-platform apps or the manufacture and supply chain creation for the succesful launch of cutting-edge hardware. Zarina Capital are well placed to act quickly in this fast-paced, ever-changing market sector.


A bi-product of the investments made in to new technologies is the creation and investment into various new start-ups. This captures the entreprenurial spirit of our founding team with the early in-sight and resource to launch revolutionary new businesses that are fit for purpose and ready to go to market with the benefit of year’s of experience behind them from day one.


As well as being a constant issue to the future of the planet, environmental investments have excellent potential and can promise excellent returns. Zarina Capital is keen to partner with other stakeholders in areas covering waste management & receycling, renewables, battery innovation and energy saving products and services.


Zarina Capital have always looked for the very best people in all aspects of the business from investment and technical specialists to asset and Property Management professionals. A strong team is essential to drive and deliver the company's ambition and vision. If you feel you have something to offer, are looking for a new challenge or are making your first step on the career ladder - why not get in touch - it might be the smartest move you ever make:

Email your C.V. to info@zarinacapital.com